Barbara Heinau - Oder wo stellen Sie Ihren Strandkorb ab?

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Moustafa, 19-10-12 12:09:
Hello, Kiruna!I'm from Me9xico, but thanks to Internet we hace acescs to a lot of information. I really loved your story, I think that is what true love is about! I hope you guys have a great life and have kids, many of them! I think they are pure light and energy. I'm just 21 and I'm about to start a life but I don't know your vision and the way I see you live your life was such an amazing and spiritual experience for me.aaaand for those who tell you bad names or whatever, it's OK to laugh once in a while, but it's also OK (and necessary) to stop them. Nobody has the right to hit us wether with words or slaps. P.S. Hahaha I laughed so much when I saw this post about seeing the article in the Guardian. I still am!
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